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Karak +27619095133 Psychic Love spell Caster in Norway Australia Kuwait UAE

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 04-Jul-18
Location: United States
Call: +27619095133 True Love Spell Caster. Bringing back your lover – Even if far or gone for a long time If you want a spell that is solely about getting your lover back in your arms, This spell has significant energy just to do that for your love life. This spell has the ability to influence your lover to come home no matter what forces are keeping them away Bring Back Love Technique It uses the basics of traditional witch craft to hold its own powerful force field around you that draws back your love. Quick Facts . This spell will be completely customized to your situation. . My spells are completely safe and will not backfire or cause any harm. . This spell is a 100% Guarantee for your situation. I believe in providing a very personalize service and I offer full customer support. All ...

Matex Ethiopia Expo'2018

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 25-Jun-18
Location: Ethiopia
MATEX Ethiopia 2018 is an International Exhibition on Manufacturing & Technology International Trade Fair. MATEX Ethiopia 2018 is going to be held on 21-25 June 2018 at Addis Ababa Exhibition Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The frequency of the trade show is annua

Palo Alto Networks: Cybersecurity Summit Melbourne - 21 June 2018

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: Australia
Join Palo Alto Networks for the Cybersecurity Summit at Margaret Court Arena on 21 June to hear global and local speakers sharing their expertise and experiences in securing our digital way of life. From keynote addresses to technical and industry presentations, exhibits, and opportunities to network with security professionals from around Australia and the region, the Cybersecurity Summit is the place to find answers for all your cybersecurity questions.

HBP’s first large international conference "Understanding of consciousness"

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 22-Jun-18
Location: Barcelona / Spain
How does our subjective experience emerge from the brain? How does consciousness relate to the physical world? These age-old, deep questions are now at last being addressed directly and broadly by neuroscience and will become crucial in the decades to come. The spectrum of consciousness-related conundrums is rapidly expanding: we are saving islands of human brain from devastating injuries, growing cerebral organoids in a vat, and building intelligent machines that perform faster and better than any healthy subject, just to mention a few. Where does consciousness arise? Where is the boundary between insentient matter and a spark of subjectivity? Society needs to be scientifically and culturally prepared to face these emerging questions. To do so, an approach with the broadest scope is ...

Tech Fair Seattle

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: Seattle / United States
Los Angeles' largest technology job fair, hosted by Comparably, will be expanding to Seattle this June. The most prominent tech companies will be in attendance along with 5,000 job seekers in Engineering, Product, Sales, Marketing, Design, Sales & Finance. Whether you're a job seeker, a company looking to hire, or want to mingle with great talent, this is the must-attend tech event of the year with educational content sessions and keynotes! Join great companies that have signed up to hire at the event including Amazon, Zillow, Nike, Disney, SpaceX, and more. Register now before the event sells out!

The Bon Jovi Experience at Blackpool Grand Theatre 2018

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: United Kingdom
They are also the only tribute to have been featured on the official Bon Jovi website. ” Have you seen this guy he looks so much like Jon Bon Jovi it’s freaky man” – Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) “The best tribute i’ve ever seen” – JON BON JOVI. Radio 2’s Chris Evans also said that they were the best tribute band he had ever seen The band have toured to ecstatic audiences the world over… not to be missed.

Twilio Engage + Superclass Silicon Valley @ Hotel Nia

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: United States
Build the Future of Customer CommunicationsShare, learn, and build the future of customer engagement. At this event, the best and brightest people will come together for discussions on how to build innovative customer engagement experiences with APIs. Whether you’re a developer, product manager, technologist, or digital innovator–you’ll find inspiration at this one day event. SUPERCLASS TRAINING | 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM ***Reserve your pass for $99***Superclass is hands-on training for developers to learn how to use all things Twilio. Our engineers will be on hand to help as you work through code challenges in TwilioQuest, our self-paced training video game.ENGAGE SESSION | 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM***There is no charge to attend this session***Join Engage to understand how leading businesses are ...

Hack The Root at RIBA North: In Conversation with Mae-ling Lokko

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: United Kingdom
RIBA North and Liverpool Biennial have commissioned Mae-ling Lokko to develop a project using Grow-It-Yourself workshops to produce an architectural structure from agrowaste-fed mycelium (mushrooms). The structure which shifts along its length from ‘Root to Rhizome’ – from mass produced biomaterial to locally produced biobricks - will be grown, nurtured and installed by students, school children and community groups from Liverpool. The mushroom grow chambers will be in our City Gallery in June where visitors will be able to see the modules growing. The fully-grown material will be dried forming solid modular biobricks which will form the facade structure of 'Hack the Root' at RIBA North. Visitors can walk within and around this structure and explore an exhibition in Gallery One which ...

Palo Alto Networks: Verizon CyberSecurity Day

Date: 21-Jun-18 to 21-Jun-18
Location: United States
Delivering threat prevention through The Palo Alto Networks prevention-focused platform can be delivered though Verizon Network Services (VNS) in simplified service tiers so your customers can adopt the industry’s leading next-generation security platform and easily migrate to advanced threat protection as they Learn how Verizon can deliver the Palo Alto Networks Platform across multiple deployment scenarios and meet a wide range of customer requirements: • Delivered to customers as Virtual CPE (vCPE) solutions that are hosted in Verizon’s Corona Cloud environment. • Delivered on customer premise Universal CPE equipment (uCPE). Agenda: - Overview - Payout to PANW sales (why they need to care) - Question to ask - VNS - Why VZ - Packages & - ...